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An expert system is a computer application that solves complicated problems that would otherwise require extensive human expertise. However, this business may not be practicable if you live in a highly urbanized place like in the middle of a city or in a province and you can also consider planting and selling vegetables in your background that categorized to a low cost budget but better make sure you have a green thumb.

Thank you so much all ideas i retionly not from State I try to do something but I’m not sure what I having an idea not sure how is in state of America my idea to open a vending beer machine which mean not with regular bottle is come with 4 pack or 6 pack my machine can put anywhere in plaza or shopping center how’s work is simple like when you withdraw money from ATM insert your ID then machine will scan ID same time machine will take your photo if your match with you photo scan you ok to select your beer then pay if your ID and scan not match machine will reject your process instead you go to store pack your can waiting on line or don’t have driver thru in your location or store closed early which mean after mild might machine will stop purchase it self this is just idea and just wonder how is process need to get there.

Moreover, these business analysts have experience in different verticals and since business analysis both benefits from domain expertise, and is different from business expertise, a cross pollination of expertise, often adds depths to insights in business analysis.

Instead of focusing on actually selling items, the website functions like a business card or brochure, providing useful information about what your company does and how it does it. Most small business websites are modeled after this one – The Portfolio site.

Let us assume that you will have a variety of products that you would like to sell online – these may include green coffee beans, freshly roasted beans, espresso or brewing machines, coffee grinders, humorous coffee t-shirts, caps, or anything in between.

While direct selling was initially the primary ‘route to market’, production efficiencies coupled with improvements in transportation meant producers could reach a much bigger market and this resulted in the pre-eminence of the retail distribution model for many years.

What I am saying is the more rural you are might determine some businesses unfeasible and will mean that you may have to work harder to create a market or that you will have to deal with distribution on a larger scale that someone who is suburban or urban.

When you advertise with local, online placements, you reach our variety of readers who are students, business professionals, artists, parents, farmers, manufacturers, and people from all walks of life who read the Jamaica Observer to learn about the most up-to-date news about politics, business, entertainment, sports, fashion, food, culture, world events, and so much more.

Small Business Advisor points out, there have been plenty of examples of people starting successful product or retail companies, well into their 60s, 70s and even 80s For example, Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken at age 65 and Jeanne Dowell started Green Buddha clothing at age 80.

When advertising online, you have the ability to target a population as specific as “men, age 18-35, who searched for Giants tickets between the hours of 7-10 pm” or as broad as “men, age 18-35” ensuring your message is in front of the right people at the right time.

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